Material Sales/Rentals

Material Sales/Rentals

Northern Lights Energy has been supplying bottom-hole assembly materials for completions, work-over, and production applications for many years. Our extensive knowledge of plugs and bottom-hole environments, combined with partnering with the best suppliers in the industry, has allowed us to supply you with the best down-hole materials or tools available. We also carry a wide selection of tool-string equipment, wireline surface equipment, and fishing tools. We usually carry a wide range of bottom-hole tools and BHA materials on our shelves, but if we do not have whatever material, grade, or size that you are looking for then we can get it for you. Combining our high pressure nipples with our high pressure plugs and equipment, eliminates having multiple vendors combining to complete your well. All products and materials we carry are available for either sale or can be setup on a rental agreement.


  • Otis Style Nipples (X and XN, R and RN) in all sizes with plugs available from 1.5″- 3.813″
  • Baker Style Nipples (R and F) in all sizes with plugs available from 1.187″ – 3.812″
  • Pin x Pin or Box x Pin
  • Tubing Couplers in all grades or sizes
  • Non-corrosive materials (all stainless grades and 13-chrome moly)
  • Otis style sliding sleeves (XO and XA) in all sizes
  • Baker style sliding sleeves (Model L) in standard sizes
  • Premium Threads – PH6, BTS8, Benoit, IJ connections
  • W/L Re-Entry Guides and Mule Shoes
  • Pump-out Plugs
  • Krauss Tubing Plugs
  • Ceramic Burst Disc Subs
  •  Tubing Subs in all grades and sizes
  • Perforated Tubing Subs
  • Fishing Tools and Over-shots
  • Rare Earth Magnets
  • Broaches and Gauge Rings
  • Crossovers for all different tool-string and pipe threads
  • Jars and Weight Bar in all sizes
  • Lubricator subs and pup joints
  • Wireline pack-off equipment
  • Wireline Blow-out Preventers (Surface control)


  • Velocity Strings
  • Completion Strings
  • Work-over Applications
  • Nipples/Plugs Pressure Tested before use
  • String Floats w/ Nipple and Plug for Work-over/Clean-out purposes
  • Nipples made of anti-corrosive materials, extending the life of the nipples in your wells (H2S, C02, Injection Wells, Salt Water Disposal)
  • Knowledge of sizes and materials, along with different running procedures for the multitude of downhole applications needed
  • Bottom Hole Assemblies below packers for well control and testing purposes