Northern Lights Energy is easily the Rocky Mountain Regions first call when it comes to tubing set plugs for well control and tubing testing purposes. Our shops carry nearly every line of tubing plugs, in every size, for just about every application possible. With all of our extensive knowledge and inventory, we can help you with whatever your well can throw at you.


  • Otix X and XN locks, solid or pump-through, all sizes from 1.5″ – 3.813″
  • Otis R and RN locks, 1.71″- 3.688″
  • Full Line of Baker Locks from 1.781″ – “2.81”
  • Pack-off Style Tubing Plugs 2″ – 4″
  • One Run W Circulating Test Plugs 2″ – 4″


  • Stainless plugs for corrosive environments
  • High Temperature pressure control applications
  • Safest Running Equipment
  • Wide assortment of sizes (If we don’t have it, we can get it)
  • Assortment of equalizing bottoms for different applications
  • Long-term rental options, as well as long-term nipple rentals
  • Differential holdback pressures of 12.5K
  • High pressure equipment for downhole utilization


  • Well control
  • Wellbore testing and solutions
  • Work-over / completion applications
  • String floats / clean-outs
  • Negative tubing pressure testing
  • Changing of wellheads
  • MIT testing
  • Run in conjunction with BHP’s and Shut-in Tool
  • Downhole flow control (Downhole chokes)
  • Well control for tubing without nipples
  • Locating holes in tubing
  • Tubing raises/lowers