Braided Line

The newest addition to the NLE fleet is a combination unit with .125 slickline and .25” dycam braided line.  With our braided truck, fishing, swabbing, and a multitude of other services are now available, with the cost savings associated with Northern Lights Energy.

The unit has a self contained mast, allowing for braided jobs to occur without the use of a crane saving the clients money. With a 65’ mast, dependent on the fish, we can add lubricator to hide everything, as the truck is equipped with 24’ of regular lubricator, and another 15 feet of additional 3.5” lube to get anything downhole.

 If a slickline job shows a need for heavier pull, the crew can convert the line over from slickline to braided in under an hour to give it a shot with heavier pull capabilities of .125 slickline.

The braided line truck has impact selector jars instead of conventional oil jars, so we can continue to reload and hammer on the fish without the need for using time to reload the jars, and then trip out of the hole to redress if the oil jars stop hitting as hard.  Accelerators are also used in tandem with the impact selector jars to give the braided additional force when hitting. 


  • ¼” Dycam Line
  • 11000# breaking strength
  • 5500# working load
  • 25000’ spool
  • 26” Sheaves
  • Impact Selector Blockbuster Jars
  • 5K Test Dual Packoff
  • Grease available upon request
  • 65’ self contained mast
  • Additional lubricator