With extensive experience and an unparalleled commitment to safety, Northern Lights Energy is the Rocky Mountain Region’s premiere slickline technology provider. We’ve been a family business since we opened in 1979, and after three generations, we’re continuing to learn, improve and grow. Whether your business requires wireline services, bottom-hole pressure surveys, pressure testing or a variety of other advanced fabrication or manufacturing technologies, Northern Lights has the expertise and service to tackle even the most ambitious jobs.


As a family-owned business, we understand how important relationships are. Our customers range from the world’s leading energy companies to smaller, regional businesses, and all of them continue to rely on us because of how highly we value service, safety and quality. Browse through our list of products and safety certifications, then give us a call or send a message so we can start building our partnership today.


Job-site safety is our top priority. We take this responsibility so seriously that we have an administrative position to oversee all safety affairs. The Safety Coordinator monitors and manages every Northern Lights employees’ safety certifications and paperwork, so you know that when we’re in the field, we’re qualified, prepared and ready to get the job done.