In another way to help reduce costs to production companies, Northern Lights Energy has introduced pressure testing trucks and equipment into our service line. This has afforded us the opportunity to provide multiple well services, and in turn save companies more money with bundle rate costs. We have high pressure testing capabilities up to 15K and a wide range of certified chart recorders for your pressure testing needs.


  • High Pressure Ratings – 15K
  • Pump Rate up to 25 gallons per minute
  • Yearly Calibrated Barton Meters (Chart Recorders) ranging from 1k – 15K
  • Tractor / Truck Units or Flatbed Trailer Units
  • Inspected, certified, and banded
  • Safety features such as relief valves and ESD’s


  • Wellhead Testing
  • Wellbore Testing
  • BOP Testing
  • Wireline / Lubricator Testing
  • Ice Mitigation
  • MIT Testing
  • String Float or BHA Testing
  • Equalization
  • Flowline Testing
  • Dehy Line Testing
  • Methanol or Glycol Mix
  • Cap String Testing