Portable Flowback Trailers

Currently, Northern Lights has started producing Portable blowdown trailers for flowback purposes.  With many trailers already produced and running in the New Mexico/Texas and Wyoming areas, they have become a hot commodity.  Companies can rent the trailers for a low monthly cost, we offer single use, and we have crews setting up, breaking them down, and bleeding off wells as a turnkey service. 

For areas that require reporting of gas emissions, flowmeters can be retrofitted into the manifold of the trailer to give you all the information needed to appease the state’s requirements.  All trailers are bumper pull so pumpers can easily move them around from location to location, and they work great for flowback when cutting paraffin with our slickline or swabbing with our braided unit.


  • Portability
  • Low Cost Daily/Monthly Rentals
  • Ease of Use
  • Gas Emissions Monitoring and Reporting
  • Safe
  • Inspected, certified, and banded


  • 44 barrel capacity tank
  • 3” and 4” outlets for suction
  • 3250# Dry Weight
  • Gasbuster for bleeding down large volumes of gas
  • Epoxy Coated Tank for Hazardous Fluids and Chemicals
  • 5K Adjustable in-line chokes w/ Extra seats
  • Enclosed hood for wet gas mist and overspray
  • 15-02 and 6-02 Hammer unions and threaded swage crossovers
  • Removable screen and tray for sample collection
  • Fluid sample bypass
  • Sight glass w/ spill prevention