BHA Sales and Rentals

As the company that is tasked with setting and pulling our clients tools that we set in their bottom hole assembly, we also carry the materials for sale or rental.  For stick drillouts or workover cleanouts, we can surface set as many plugs as needed and test to 3000# in the nipple needed. Any tools that we set, we have the ability to pull and reset if needed, and we offer around the clock service for clients working towers. If it’s an item a client is in a constant need for, we can keep them readily stocked on our shelves so they can be delivered at a moments notice. 

Primary Features/Products

  • X and XN Nipples in all sizes from 1.5” – 3.81”
  • R and RN Nipples in all sizes from 1.71”- 3.688” and premium threads like PH6 and BTS 8
  • Baker F and R Nipples from 1.5” – 2.81”
  • Production Seat Nipples
  • XA and XO Sliding sleeves available with anti-corrosive seals
  • Bleed-off tools for stick drillouts to bleed off between string floats
  • Krause Pump-out plugs
  • Adjustable pump off plugs
  • Wireline re-entry guides
  • Tubing Pups in all sizes
  • 2 3/8 – 3 ½” 10K Dual Ceramic Burst Disk Box x Pin EUE
  • All grades of metal available
    • 4140 J-55, L-80, P-110
    • Inconnel Stainless
    • 316 SS
    • 9 and 13 Chrome Moly


  • Velocity Strings
  • Completion Strings
  • Work-over Applications
  • Nipples/Plugs Pressure Tested before use
  • String Floats w/ Nipple and Plug for Work-over/Clean-out purposes
  • Nipples made of anti-corrosive materials, extending the life of the nipples in your wells (H2S, C02, Injection Wells, Salt Water Disposal)
  • Knowledge of sizes and materials, along with different running procedures for the multitude of downhole applications needed
  • Bottom Hole Assemblies below packers for well control and testing purposes